PEME- "Stoptober" Campaign

Smoking is the biggest cause of preventable death in England, accounting for more than 80,000 deaths each year.

Around 10 million adults in Great Britain smoke cigarettes. Two-thirds of smokers start before the age of 18.

An increasing number of shipowners and operators are banning smoking in all or part of the common areas onboard their ships. Cruise operators are restricting smoking in passenger areas. Smoking on cabin balconies is banned on many Cruise ships. Due to the health risks for both smokers and to other people from passive smoking. Smoking also poses a risk to the safety and fire precautions onboard.

This October the UK P&I Club PEME Programme team is supporting the "Stoptober" campaign to encourage people to stop smoking for up to 28 days. or beyond.

By giving up smoking will give you the following benefits:-

  • Breathe easier
  • Live longer 
  • Feel less stressed
  • Save money
  • Improve your sense of smell and taste Non-smokers
  • Live longer
  • Enjoy better health
  • Take less medication
  • Suffer from less depression


  • Die on average 10 years earlier
  • Suffer more depression / anxiety related illnesses
  • Chest and Heart Problems
  • More sexual health problems

After giving up you will see fast improvements to your health:-

Passive smokers also suffer associated health disorders. We have seen an increase in strict controls on smoking e.g. in enclosed public spaces where non-smokers may suffer from effects of inhaling second hand smoke.

The Club PEME Programme recommends employers draft a smoking policy to reduce the risk to crew health (and safety) onboard. The policy may include control measures for the benefit of all:- consideration of a total ban on smoking on board or a ban on smoking inside other than in designated "smoking rooms"; signs advising "No Smoking" displayed in a prominent area e.g. at the entrance to the ship; and full support offered to those employees wishing to give up.

Further assistance can be obtained from the PEME Programme Team :

PEME.ukclub@thomasmiller.comReferences and useful publications


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