UK Club Korean Mountain Climb

The 29th UK Club Korean Mountain Climb took place on Saturday 9th May, 2015 and took on the extremely picturesque route to the summit of Munsu Mountain, approximately 1.5 hours west of Seoul.

From the peak, it is possible to see North Korea, the Yeomha river and the inlet of the Han river. In addition, Munsu Mountain is an unforgettable historic site, with a strategic fortress wall that was built in 1694 during the Chosun Dynasty to defend against maritime invasions - our friendly "maritime invasion" was, however, welcomed by beautiful weather and stunning scenery. The Club has a significant entry from the leading Korean shipowners and participants came from Members, brokers and non-member shipowners. Afterwards, the climbers retreated to a restaurant for a traditional Korean barbecue before a leisurely coach ride back to Seoul.

The Thomas Miller team consisted of Andrew Jones who is the Regional Director for Asia Pacific, DY Kim and Chris Roberts from the Hong Kong office, James Petrie from the Underwriting Team in London, and Richard Carpenter who continues to attend the Mountain Climb despite his retirement in 2002. As ever, the Thomas Miller team was very ably supported by Hyopsung, the Club's representatives in Korea."

Staff Author