UK P&I Club and UK War Risks host LSLC Piracy Event

The UK Club and UK War Risks were pleased to host and participate in the London Shipping Law Centre's October seminar on "Piracy- BIMCO's GUARDCON and the Rules for the Use of Force", held at Thomas Miller's offices on 20th October. The event was extremely well attended and featured panel presentations by a variety of speakers from across the Maritime Industry including John Turner, Senior Claims Director and Syndicate Manager for The People Claims Syndicate (LS3).

The panel was chaired by Sir Anthony Colman, arbitrator and former High Court Commercial Judge.

As well as background presentations to GUARDCON and the Rules for the Use of Force from Grant Hunter, Giles Noakes (both BIMCO) and Peter Cook (SAMI); Ruth Hosking, a barrister at Quadrant Chambers, provided an interesting analysis of GUARDCON's Clause 15 (Liabilities and Indemnities).

Ruth's presentation gave consideration to how the Courts may interpret a knock-for-knock clause which excludes or exempts liability, in people related claims. Members entering into GUARDCON contracts are advised to give full and careful consideration to Clause 15 and the desired effect thereof.

John Turner provided the P&I perspective and offered an insight into the type of claims that may be covered by the Club in relation to handling of piracy related claims, particularly in respect of crew. Some of the claims the Club has seen from piracy include injury or death of crewmembers, claims for post-traumatic stress, repatriation and substitution costs, and claims related to medical care to stabilise crew post-release.

For further advice in relation to coverage for piracy claims, please contact the People Claims Syndicate on

For more information on piracy, the Club has a dedicated resource page available.

Amanda Hastings

Claims Executive