Underwriting online

Fast and easy access to renewal documentation for Members and their brokers is available via the Club’s Underwriting Online facility in the Members Area of this website.

The Club’s online services give Members access to their fleet information, including record statements and individual ship documentation.

Access Members Area by logging in . . .

To access Underwriting Online, simply go to the Members Area by clicking on the box in the top right corner of the screen.  Log in with your usual user ID and password.  This screen now enables you to recover forgotten passwords or update them.

. . .but if you haven’t registered yet

If you have yet to register click on the part of the blue banner marked “P&I Online Services Register” and follow the screen by screen process to register your own preferred user ID and password.

Choose Underwriting Online

Click on the Underwriting Online box displayed beneath the login boxes to enter the system.

Select Underwriting Reports

Choose Underwriting Reports from the menu and a four step process displays on screen

Select your preferred report options

Step 1:  Enter the name of the fleet whose renewal details you wish to view in the “Step 1” box and select either P&I or Defence from the drop down box beneath it. (see illustration above).

Step 2:  Click the “Go” button on the screen

Step 3:  All group entries that you are entitled to view for that name are displayed in the “Step 3” grey box.  Click on the group you wish to view.

Step 4:  Using the drop-down boxes in the “Step 4” panel (see illustration below) choose the Risks record you wish to view i.e. Current Loss Record or October Loss Record.

Build your report

Once you have made your selection, click Build Report to display the information on your screen. 

If you want to keep a record of that information or print it, simply click on the text “Create PDF” at the foot of the screen to create the information as an electronic document.

If you want to export the information to another application click on “Create Spread Sheets” and you will have the option to download the record as a CSV file.

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