LP Team take part in Officers Crew Seminar in Delhi

The UK P&I Club was recently invited by Thome Ship management to take part in their “Bulk carrier advancement Workshop”. This was organised by their Marine Manager (Bulk) Capt Hardeep Mundae and held in Delhi from the 23rd to 25th August. Captain Anuj Velankar represented the UK P&I Club at the workshop.

The Loss prevention team has been focusing on personal injury this year, and held an interactive workshop session on risk assessment in which the participants were given the tools to make risk assessments and prevent casualties related to “Slips trips and falls” and also on “Enclosed space entry”.

"Slips trips and falls” consistently account for the biggest claims related to crew injury both by the number of injuries and by the value of the claims. However, casualties in enclosed spaces are one of the leading causes of death in shipboard operations.

The workshop was appreciated by participants and it was encouraging to see the enthusiastic participation and fresh ideas being put forwards by the ship’s crew. The Club has produced a number of publications to assist Members reduce personal injury incidents. The latest publication from the Loss Prevention team is the 2016 Risk Focus. With its team of risk assessors, the Club is in a unique position to gather data and target areas of risk onboard ship. Our Loss Prevention and PEME departments have identified all areas of major risks and for the first time compiled them in the 2016 Risk Focus. The publication covers enclosed spaces, master pilot exchange, moorings, loss of power, slips trips and falls as well as mental health. 

The Club welcomes participating in Members crew seminars as it gives the Loss prevention team a valuable opportunity to exchange information and thoughts with the ships crew in a relaxed setting and thus insight into the current difficulties being faced by the ships staff and then identify future developing problems. If Members would like the Club to participate in their crew seminars, please get in touch with your usual Club contact or the Loss prevention department.

Staff Author