UK Club Risk Assessors meet in London for their biannual seminar.

The UK Club's Loss Prevention department currently comprises 14 members of staff, including 8 Master Mariners and 2 Chief Engineers. Five of these Master Mariners and two Chief Engineers are based internationally and employed as "Risk Assessors" for the purposes of performing risk assessment type surveys on board Members' ships. The Club maintains apartments in shipping hubs Singapore and Rotterdam for the sole use of these Risk Assessors. "The Risk Assessors are an enormous asset to the Club and I believe it is hugely important to bring them regularly to London, to maintain relationships with the office based LP staff and promote their expertise in house - to Claims Handlers and Underwriters - so they can better serve our Members", said Stuart Edmonston, the Club's new Director of Loss Prevention.

To find out more about this unique team please download the Risk Assessor contact brochure.

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