Additional special safety and security inspection required for ships calling for Xiamen Port from 1 June 2017 to 5 September 2017.

The UK Club has received the following update from lawyers Wang Jing and Co, regarding an additional special safety and security inspection required for ships calling for Xiamen Port from 1 June 2017 to 5 September 2017.


On 24 May 2017, China MSA issued the formal notice for special safety and security inspection of ships calling for Xiamen Port as attached (in Chinese). The special inspection starts on 1 June 2017 up to 5 September 2017. It is understood that the special inspection is purported for the BRIC meeting in Xiamen this year.

  1. Scope of the special inspection water area
    The area is mainly the coastal areas which covers the port of Haicang, Dongdu, Xiang An, Zhaoyin and Houshi. Haicang, Dongdu and Xiang An is under control of MSA Xiamen. Zhaoyin and Houshi is controlled by MSA Zhanghzou.
  2. Reporting and additional inspection arrangement for foreign flag ship
    Reporting: Under the notice, the foreign flag ship should file ship information report, crew list and the last PSC inspection report together with the port entry formalities. Please see the form of the reporting as attached.
    Acceptance of special inspection: If the last calling port is Chinese port, the ship should accept the special inspection at the last port. If the last port is foreign port, then MSA Xiamen or MSA Zhangzhou will conduct the special inspection.
    In case of accident in the port, the ship should apply for fresh inspection. 
  3. Content of inspection
    The focus of inspection would be ship security certificate, ship security in charge crew certificate, the familiarization of security of the crew, gangway control measures, visitor and luggage checking record, mark of ship restriction areas, safety security drill record and etc.
    The check will also cover the AIS function, sea chart and publication supply, ship communication equipment, engine and steer maneuverability, ship crew and dangerous cargo if any onboard and etc.

To avoid unnecessary delay caused by the special reporting, we would suggest Owners/charterers duly check with local agent on the requirement requested by MSA in advance.



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