Claims Management

Thomas Miller Claims Management

(TMCM) provides claims, casualty and risk management solutions. TMCM can offer claims handling resource dedicated to marine, transport & logistics sectors.
TMCM could support a strategy to reduce premium through increased deductibles, by providing efficient claims handling services for below deductible claims.

  • Fits seamlessly into retained layer, reporting to client and all Clubs as required
  • Competent to settle matters within delegated authority
  • Offers per-file, per-hour, bulk and tailored fees to suit volume/complexity
  • Can work in own name or as “white label” service using client systems
  • Can hold, disburse and manage client funds, reporting as required

Thomas Miller Law

TM Law is a full-service marine and transport firm, offering ship owners, charterers, logistics operators and insurers a wealth of proven expertise, with a modern, efficient cost model.

  • All P&I, FD&D, H&M and non-contentious marine work
  • Entirely independent but can align services to Club and Member needs
  • Can also be integrated into TMCM claims service and fee structure under delegated authority

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