New Bunkering Operations Legislation - Angola

The UK Club have received the following update from correspondents Pinto Basto regarding bunkering operation legislation in Angola.


"Further to the various problems that have arisen in Angola with STS operations lately, we have just been made aware of a new Executive-Decree issued by Angola (4th of May 2017) regarding any and all Bunkering Operations carried out by vessel or truck; this Executive-Decree is in force since its publication date abovementioned.

Attached said Executive-Decree (in Portuguese).

As a highlight of the new Executive-decree please be advised of the following:

The same is applicable to bunkering of:

  1. vessels that are berthed or at anchorage, as well as platforms and offshore rigs
  2. in inland waters, territorial sea, contiguous zone and Exclusive economic zone,
  3. be the bunkering carried out by vessel (STS operations) or truck.

These such operations can only be carried out by Angolan Bunkering Companies!

Said companies must have a license as well as vessels and/or trucks that carry out these operations, licenses are issued by the Oil Ministry of Angola and are valid for one year. There are procedures in place to be carried out prior to the bunkering operations starting, during and after that have to be complied with, fines can go from USD 80.000,00 up to USD 475.000,00."



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