Throwing out the rule book.

For the 2018 year, the Club will no longer be sending out hard copies of either the Rule Book or the accompanying Correspondent Book. Instead, pdf copies will be available on the Club website, and will be emailed to Members.

To cut down on unnecessary waste, the Club will print books to order, you can request a hard copy of the rules here by providing us with your contact details and the number of books required.

Copy of email to go here.

In addition to a pdf of the Rule book, the Club also maintains a dedicated correspondents app. The app holds contact details for the UK Club's worldwide correspondents network. Search by Port or Country to find the local correspondent in the Club's network.Unlike the print publication, the app will always have the latest contact details and port information available - ensuring that you get the right contact quickly, with no delays.

For those users who may not always have access to an internet connection, the app has been designed to work off line, and will automatically update when the device connects over Wi-Fi allowing the app to be used on board ship without an internet connection.

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