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Ships without full documentation prior to 20th February can face trading delays because port authorities require evidence of insurance prior to the expiry of current documents. In particular, some jurisdictions may ask to see a 2018/19 Certificate of Entry, which can only be issued by the Club once renewal has been agreed. Members and brokers may wish to check with local port agents about documentary requirements.

The Club can now issue 2018 Certificates of Entry for agreed renewals, as well as  Blue Cards, renewal confirmations and COFR documentation. Many Members and brokers aim to complete renewals well in advance of 20th February so that their full P&I documentation, including a valid Certificate of Entry, can be produced early enough to avoid potential vessel delays. The Club can produce Members’ electronic cover documentation (PDF) quickly once but in some situations ships or flag states may require physical copies of documents.  

Registering for On-line services and iPad app for documentation. If you have not yet registered for the Club’s online services, then click here to start the registration process. The iPandi app is supplied via the App Store on the Apple iTunes website. A dedicated area of the UK Club website provides direct links to downloading the app as well as a range of support resources on the app such as FAQs.  

In the event of any difficulty accessing UK Club Online Services please contact Jenny Lane.

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