MARPOL Annex V Garbage Record Book - Liberia Publishes two new Garbage Record Books for Ships

Amendments to MARPOL Annex V -  Prevention of Pollution by Garbage from Ships enter into force 1 March 2018.

The amendments include revised guidelines and format for the Garbage Record Book (GRB) required to be maintained on board ships.  The new revised GRB is divided into Parts I & II. 

  • Part I is applicable to all ships for recording garbage discharges of Plastics, Food wastes, Domestic Wastes, Cooking Oil, Incinerator ashes, Operational wastes, Animal carcasses, Fishing gear and E-waste.
  • Part II is applicable only to ships that carry solid bulk cargoes for recording discharges of Cargo residues that are 1. Non-Harmful to the Marine Environment and 2. Harmful to the Marine Environment. 

Most ships will only need to maintain GRB Part I.  Ships that carry solid bulk cargoes will need to maintain both Part I and Part II.

The Liberia Administration has designed the two GRBs in order that owners and ships crews will only need to maintain one GRB on board, as follows:

  • GRB Part I - Contains only Part I and is designed for ships that do not carry solid bulk cargoes (publication RLM-125).
  • GRB Part I & II - Contains both Part I & II and is designed for ships that carry solid bulk cargoes (publication RLM-125A).

Liberia's Garbage Record Book contains helpful instructions, guidance, extracts of applicable Annex V regulations and a separate section for recording exceptional discharges or loss of garbage under regulation 7 of MARPOL Annex V.

The GRBs may be used on all ships regardless of flag.

Similar to MARPOL Oil Record Books, entries are required to be recorded and signed by the officer in charge of the operation and each completed page signed by the Master.

Garbage Record Books may be inspected by port State control inspectors.

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