Power supply to vessels during berthing at Damietta port - Egypt

The Club have received the following update from Egyptian Marine Insurance Consultations & Services (EMICS) regarding vessels' power supplies when berthing in Egypt's Damietta port.


"As per the Decree number 1130 issued by the Egyptian Ministry of Transport in 2015 and applied in 2017, Damietta Port Authority has decided to be responsible for supplying electrical power to all berthing vessels at a cost of 50 cents/kilo watt hour. "This is a compulsory decree depriving vessels from using their own generators, unless during loading or discharging operations, in which case they still have to pay an amount equal to the estimated shore power they would have consumed if using the port's service. "Apart from the extra dues that the vessels are obliged to pay to Damietta Port Authority, it has been noticed that the shore power is frequently lower than the required level, which is likely to damage the vessel's equipment and cause delays and extra costs. "These concerns were expressed and in January 2018 a second Ministerial Decree was issued, altering the compulsory character of the use of the shore power to optional. "So, the vessel can now use her own power, upon notifying the electricity department of Damietta Port Authority, but she is still obliged to pay the value of the estimated shore power that would have been consumed if used."


Members can read the full update, as well as all the latest changes to the decree issued by the Damietta Port Authority.


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