PRO VITA 25 years

"PRO VITA" clinic was approved by the UK P&I Club Crew Health PEME Programme in the Summer of 2005. In the last 13 years the clinic has examined in excess of 3,000 crew referred through the scheme.

"PRO VITA" Clinic for Occupational Health was founded in 1993 by occupational medicine specialists i.e.: Gordana Grbac Rinčić, MD, Mr. Sc.(Mrs), Smilja Maravić Bravar, MD,  Mr. Sc.(Mrs) and  Milorad Stipanović, MD, Mr. Sc.(Mr) as a Private Occupational Practice with three occupational medicine specialist offices, one psychologist office and a laboratory service.
Over time the clinic's Occupational Practice evolved with the addition of ophthalmic and internist services. Additional facilities were later added including psychiatric, orthopedic  and gynecological services.

The clinic is situated in the center of Rijeka, Croatia and consists of five consulting rooms for occupational medicine, laboratory, three spaces for functional diagnostics, internist and ophthalmology consulting room, psychologist office, room for psychological testing and waiting room.

The consulting rooms have all the necessary equipment prescribed by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia and the clinic is approved by the Ministry of health of Republic  of Croatia for crew medicals, in addition to the Norwegian Maritime Directorate. 

The clinic has 18 full-time employees: four occupational medicine specialists, two occupational medicine trainees, one ophthalmologist, one internist, two psychologists, six nurses, one laboratory technician and one administrator. Part-time employees are: psychiatrist, orthopedist, physiatrist and gynecologist.

The clinic also handles co-ordination for treatment of crew on sick leave (examination, treatment and follow up), as well as final assessment of fitness for work at the end of treatment.

"PRO VITA" carries out medical examinations for an average of 4,000 seafarers each year, of which approximately 5% are for UK P&I Club members. The clinic averages about 0.25% permanent unfit and 1.12% temporary unfit seafarers.

Working hours of the polyclinic during weekdays are 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays according to needs of the users. The processing procedure allows for certification on the same day of the medical if all the findings are normal; if there are any irregularities, additional tests may be required which can take a few days, depending of the pathology found.

"PRO VITA" clinic  is ISO 9001:2015 accredited.

'Across our network of five clinics in Croatia, to date in 2018 (as of 26 October 2018) we have seen temporary unfitness for seafarers with a high BMI (body mass index) and a case of sleep apnoea. 

'For further information on our worldwide network of clinics, please visit the clinic page on our website'

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