Reflective learning videos from the Club

Sharing Claims Experience

Last year, the UK Club loss prevention team launched the "Lessons Learnt" project with the aim of sharing our claims experience by examining real case studies and identifying lessons learnt to assist our Members in avoiding similar incidents. The lessons learnt reports are regularly published on the Club website and deal with a broad spectrum of P&I related incidents.

For ease of access, the reports are categorised under the headings: Personal Injury, Cargo, Navigation and Pollution.

Whatever the nature of the incident, the reports are always produced in the same format comprising an incident description, analysis and lessons to be learnt. They are written in concise and plain language so as to be easily accessible to ship and shore staff. A distinctive feature of the UK Club project is that the reports are sourced from the Club's own claims database and not from incidents already published by other industry bodies. For this reason, great care is taken to ensure that the reports retain anonymity, with ship names, geographical locations or other potentially identifying features being omitted.

This initiative has received excellent feedback from UK Club Members as well as from further afield, with the reports frequently being referred to or reused by a large number of high profile shipping publications, thus transporting their safety message far and wide.

Lessons Learnt Videos 

The project has recently been developed further by the launch of a series of Lessons Learnt training videos, which complement the written Lessons Learnt reports posted on the Club website.

The videos are aimed at providing an inter-active learning experience for seafarers of all ranks by examining thought provoking incidents as well as suggesting actions which may have prevented them from happening or to mitigate their consequences. At the end of each video, the seafarer is invited to reflect upon lessons learnt arising from the incident and how they could apply to their own shipboard working practices or systems. The videos are designed to be short and to the point, leaving sufficient scope for both seafarer and trainer to consider the underlying root causes of the incident.

The first video release entitled "Death of a Bosun" relates the tragic story of a seafarer who died during a routine lifeboat drill, occurring due to a combination of inadequate working practices, poor supervision and maintenance issues. Additional training videos in the series will progressively appear on the TMTV section of the UK Club website in the near future.

The UK Club are excited at the potential for this Lessons Learnt project to deliver a valuable contribution to our Members crew training programmes.

The videos are available to view via the Club's website. If you would like digital copies of the videos for training purposes please email the UK Club Loss Prevention team.

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