Extensive Oil Spill in Northeast Brazil and the Impact on Shipping

The UK Club have received the following circular from local correspondents Proinde, regarding an extensive oil spill in Northeast Brazil and its impact on shipping activities in the region.


For over one month now, an unprecedented extensive area along the shoreline of Brazil's Northeast Region has been hit by an oily substance in the form of lumps of black tar, whose origin and source remains unknown.

Substantial oil slicks were spotted since at least 30 August 2019 and sightings were reported to federal authorities from 2 September 2019, but it was only weeks later they realised that the pollution was widespread and gruadually reached the entire shoreline along the northeastern coast of the South Atlantic Ocean, heading south.

Although merhcant ships other than tankers carrying oil as cargo are not targeted by the various ongoing investigations, it is recommended that any sighting of oil slicks during navigation or while moored alongside or at anchor, or if vessels have their hulls oil-stained, the maritime authority should be promptly informed of the extent, location and likely path of the oil slic, with the finding carefully documented.


Members can read the full circular here and can get in touch with their usual Club contact for further information.


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