IMO - Preparations intensify as 1 January 2020 global cut in sulphur in ship's fuel oil looms

As 1 January 2020 approaches, the IMO has issued a Press Briefing dated 25.11.2019 in which it reports on some of the views and indications which came out of a roundtable industry meeting which it hosted at its London Headquarters on 18 November. In brief, the IMO reports that the meeting "saw increasing confidence towards consistent implementation", that "it was felt supply [of compliant fuel] would generally be available, with some exceptions" and that "more ship operators and owners are beginning to gain experience of compliant fuels". The Briefing also reminds all stakeholders of the many publications including guidelines, guidances, best practices, FAQs, presentations, etc. which are available as they make preparations to meet the new lower sulphur limit in their fuels.  Links to all these resources are provided in the IMO's Briefing."

Staff Author