Oasis P&I: Novel Coronavirus Outbreak (03/04/2020)

Oasis P&I have issued the following update on the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus in China, advising on port operations and measures taken by the authorities in response to the outbreak.

Last updated 03/04/2020

The Club is in close contact with its local correspondents and is monitoring the situation.

This is a rapidly changing situation and Members are advised to check local current advice. Conditions may change on a daily basis during a contagious disease outbreak. Members can also be referred to the Club's dedicated resource page on the outbreak.

Owners should always follow health guidelines to prevent the spread of illness and not expose crew or spread disease. Loss prevention measures will vary by disease and may involve preventive vaccinations, vessel disinfections, limitations on crew or passenger shore leave, ability to obtain ship supplies, restrictions on treatment of sewage or waste water or even require cancellation of port calls. 


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