A message to Members from UK Club Chairman and CEO

A thank you to our Members, Brokers and supporters.

2020 was an extraordinary year, the challenges presented by Covid-19 pandemic impacted all of us, but for some of our Members it has been a very difficult time. The 2021 renewal was the first renewal to be conducted entirely virtually. On behalf of the Chairman, the Members Committee and the management team we would like to thank all our Members and Brokers for their continued support of the Club.

Despite the challenges of the past year the Club has continued to operate as usual despite many of our staff working from home.

"As a Club, we have continued to focus on what is important to our Members - excellent service, speedy claims resolution, investing in loss prevention, innovation, and training. We will continue to develop the capabilities needed to help build trust and help solve these very important problems in partnership with our Members."

We wish all our Members and brokers good health, and we look forward to working with you all in the forthcoming year.