Fishery Farms at Lanshan, China - Update December 2021

The UK P&I Club have received the following update from local correspondents, Huatai Insurance Agency and Consultant Service Ltd., regarding the latest on fishery farms in Lanshan, China. 


Reference is made to our last circular (Huatai Circular PNI[2021]10 issued in Aug. 2021) on fishery farm claims at Lanshan, China. In order to keep our clients posted of the changes on the geographical extent of fishery farms in that sea area, we, from cases handled recently, and from consulting with local Oceanic and Fishery Bureau as well as the Village Committee of the local fishery farmers, prepared this circular.

The Latest Sketch of The Fishing Farms off Lanshan (named as A-I)

The New Accident Involved Fishery Farms (please refer to the Area I in red color in South West)

Last month, we received a claim raised by one of the Owner s of fishery farms in Area I (See the red part of the diagram above.) which drew our first notification. After our further investigation, we note that there were few claims occurred in this area, but to be prudent, we kindly draw Master’s special attention to this area. The coordinates of it are as follows:

Area I:

35°00.21’ N, 119°32.72’ E
35°00.10’ N, 119°35.48’ E
34°58.10’ N, 119°38.87’ E
34°57.91’ N, 119°37.79’ E
34°57.89’ N, 119°32.50’ E

II. Other Fishery Farms

For your easy reference, we listed the other 8 fishery areas as below:

Area A

35°06’12.00″N, 119°50’16.00″E
35°03’18.00″N, 119°49’28.00″E
35°03’18.00″N, 119°46’48.00″E
35°06’12.00″N, 119°47’30.00″E

Area B

35°05′41.18″N, 119°54′03.73″E
35°04′21.77″N, 119°54′03.82″E
35°04′46.97″N, 119°54′45.81″E
35°05′35.97″N, 119°54′45.75″E

Area C:

35°04′01.06″N, 119°52′29.91″E
35°03′26.77″N, 119°52′15.68″E
35°03′26.87″N, 119°53′56.63″E
35°03′26.87″N, 119°53′56.63″E

Area D (revised):

35°02’30.0’’ N, 119°36’ 11.0’’E
35°02’18.0’’ N, 119°45’ 48.0’’E
35°00’30.00’’N, 119°45’48.00’’E
35°01’18.00’’N, 119°36’18.00’’E

Area E:

35°00’36.00’’N, 119°35’18.00’’E
34°59’42.00’’N, 119°44’48.00’’E
34°57’30.00’’N, 119°40’42.00’’E

Area F:

35°11’23.43’’N, 119°59’36.03’’E
35°10’52.35’’N, 119°59’36.03’’E
35°10’52.34’’N, 120°00’54.73’’E
35°11’23.43’’N, 120°00’54.74’’E

Area G:

35°10’52.40’’N, 119°49’58.07’’E
35°10’10.63’’N, 119°49’42.15’’E
35°10’10.75’’N, 119°51’20.11’’E
35°10’52.34’’N, 119°51’32.20’’E

Area H:

35-10’01.66N, 119 54’03.38E
35-09’19.73N, 119 53’52.84E
35-09’19.65N, 119 56’42.48E
35-10’01.58N, 119 56’32.59

Please note: This latest circular should be the most up to date version for Lanshan fishery farms and should prevail over other previous circulars.

In addition, we still have the following recommendations to ships calling or passing Lanshan port in order to avoid fishery farm claims:

In route planning, kindly take into account the fishery farms described in our latest circulars with special attention and caution to area A and D (revised). In addition, before the ship’s arrival at Lanshan port, kindly check with local agents about the route to enter the anchorage and the port, as well as the distribution of the fishery farms.

The vessels shall maintain a proper lookout, and keep close contact with the VTS center and the pilot station. In addition, the Master shall not simply follow the recommended route of the VTS and pilot station before the pilot s embarkation. The Master shall in light of the available information, carefully observe the surrounding sea area, and pay particular attention to the fishery working boats ahead that affect navigation (there might be fishery farms nearby the boats), and then make the correct decision.


For further information on the above update, please get in touch with your usual Club contact.


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