A new look website (Editorial - 6 December 2010)

Welcome to the new look UK Club website.

We hope that you find this re-formatted website an improved and effective support for your interest in P&I issues whether as a Member of the Club, or as a visitor.

A fast way to assimilate the structure of this new site is to check the "Sitemap" page. It outlines the main areas of content that are collated within the horizontal menu towards the head of this, and every page on the site.

Our Members Area underwriting and ClaimsTrac services have retained the same structure and operation enabling all information and records to be quickly and easily retrieved.

Searching has been improved with a more powerful engine and improved background structure of information. If you take a look at our KnowledgeBase section of the site you will be able to select key maritime and liability subjects and see the latest additions to the site on those topics, or carry out searches exclusively within those areas. Alternatively, you can filter out information using the drop down boxes to focus your search on main types of information e.g. loss prevention or original wordings.

We value your comments and views on this development of the Club website and would be grateful if you could take the time to pass on any such feedback to us. Please email Nick Whitear (


) or Jenny Whitehead (



Staff Author