Avian flu - Where can I find out more about it?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has provided an extensive website resource on avian flu. The website includes fact sheets on such aspects as the disease in humans, the role of migratory birds, countries affected by outbreaks in birds, assessment of possible cases, clinical features and countries with human cases in the current outbreak.

These resources are provided in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

World Health Organisation

The WHO have an extensive section of their website dedicated to covering Avian flu issues including explanations of treatment and latest news on outbreaks both among humans and animals. That site there is provides regional sub-sections addressing avian flu in particular geographical areas as well as providing maps charting the progress of outbreaks.


Other sources of advice and information are linked below:

UK Agencies


Department of Health


Health Protection Agency


Foreign Office


National Travel Health Network and Centre


US Agencies:

US Government Avian Flu website


This site maintains a map identifying areas where avian and human outbreaks of this virus have been identified.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention


This site provided by the US government includes advice in Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese.

CDC Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklists


European Agencies:

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control


Health & Consumer Protection DG of the European Union


Shipping & Transport Resources:

Richards Butler paper on impact of Avian Flu on shipping.

IMO Circular No. 2694 - Avian Influenza - The IMO has issued a circular letter providing background and guidance on minimizing the risk that highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza may present to passengers, seafarers, and the public at large. Among measures under consideration are quarantines and travel restrictions.


AON Insurance Brokers Paper on Pandemic Influenza


This section links to an order form for a 28 page review of pandemic influenza and appropriate risk management.

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