CMS Newsletter 2/10 (February 2010)



No further implementation guidance was released.

No official information on postponing the effective date of the regulation.

Further information will be provided as soon as there is more news.

Dear Sirs

Half-day seminar was held by Shanghai MSA in Shanghai on February 2, 2010. About 120 persons from Shanghai Environment Protection Bureau, Shanghai Maritime Court, local port and shipping companies, oil companies, clean-up companies and survey companies were invited to attend the seminar.

Mr. Lu Liming from legal department of China MSA delivered a speech and briefly introduced the new regulation. No further detailed guidance was released. To the OSROs, he said no list was available now, and if the list would not be published before March 1, 2010, an official notification would be issued by China MOC. He mentioned the clean-up companies would be organised in four levels of response capability as coastal level 1, coastal level 2, port level 1 and port level 2. Coastal level 1 means the highest response capability, and port level 2 means the lowest response capability. However, he did not explain the criterion of different levels.

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