Up to date loss prevention (Editorial - 25 November 2010)

Up to date loss prevention

Recent incidents have highlighted the topical relevance of the Club's loss prevention advice.

There have been a number of cargo stability problems with bulk cargoes of metal ores from Indian and Indonesian ports caused by cargo liquefaction. Two bulk carriers have capsized and another was forced back to port with a 20 degree list.

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) of the UK reported their findings on a fatal accident. An experienced crewman was killed by a parting hawser after he had moved into the snap-back zone of the hawser while it was under tension.

In recent weeks, the Club has published weekly bulletins such as Bulletin 725 - 11/10 Dangerous Ore Cargoes - India/Indonesia and more developed publications such as Risk Focus: Moorings. The latter has identified that 94 per cent of ships inspected by the Club do not mark out snap-back zones on deck.

Topics covered recently have ranged from Port State Control & US Coast Guard inspection of ships; security issues such as stowaways and piracy; and stability and monitoring off bulk cargoes.

In addition to the technical management of risk, the Club is monitoring and publishing guidance on other relevant issues to ship owners such as employment law changes for Filipino seafarers, sanctions against Iran and changes in EU legislation on customs declarations. This information is being published in special resource pages on this website which are listed below

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