Minimum seafarer age under Panama MLC 2006

Marine Circular 254 and the accompanying provisional "Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance Part 1" (DMLC 1) set out proposed standards in respect of seafarer working conditions under MLC 2006 legislation.

Among the requirements it refers to the minimum age for seafarers as 18 which may impact members with trainees or cadets on Panamanian flagged vessels.

The DMLC 1 is the first part of the implementation advice provided by the Panama Maritime Authority. A further DMLC 2 is expected which covers many of the issues raised in the Club's FAQs but not yet addressed in this first advice.

The draft legislation is anticipated to appear before the end of the year according to an earlier circular MMC 253. Both circulars and the currently published DMLC document are found in the MLC 2006 section of this website.

Advices and draft legislation from the various ratifying states will be published in this section under individual country headings as and when we obtain it.

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