Washington State Maritime Co-operative (WSMC) Oil Spill Contingency Plan


The Club Circular 22/13 advised that the WSMC had revised their enrolment agreement to comply with International Group guidelines.

In order to be within cover, Members needed to take care to enrol with the later approved agreements ( footnoted December 2013) and not the earlier documents which had continued to be published until recently.

WSMC now have the correct versions of both the WSMC Enrolment Agreement and the MSRC Membership Agreement on their website:

• WSMC/MSRC Enrolment Agreement - December 2013 and

• WSMC Member MSRC Service Agreement - December 16, 2013

Copies of these agreements were published as attachments to Circular 22/13 and are attached to this webpage also ( see above )


  • 17808 - WSMC Member MSRC Service Agreement v6-1 2 MB


    Download PDF
  • 17807 - WSMC Enrollment Agreement IG Final 12 23 13 103 KB


    Download DOC

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