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A member operating an export consolidation warehouse was contracted by an international clothing company to receive items from some of its manufacturers for containerisation and shipment to its international distribution depots. 

In 2002, three containers of clothing with a value of US $1.5 million arrived at their destination in the USA. Although they had the correct seal in place as per the Bills of Lading, they were laden with sand instead of clothing.

The International Clothing Company and the carrier who issued the Bills of Lading each instructed international private investigators to enquire into the loss. Their conclusions were that the containers were either never loaded with the clothing at the warehouse or the staff were implicated in the thefts.

The member refuted the claim and Signum was asked to enquire into the circumstances of the loss. It was established that no member of the warehouse staff was involved. The thefts had been committed by a well organised group of people, including three truck drivers and a senior member of the carrier’s agent, whilst the containers were in transit to the port for export.

The claim remained unresolved until this year, when prior to a court hearing, the carrier whose agent was responsible for employing the drivers and ensuring the safe movement of the containers to the port accepted full liability for the cargo loss.

In cases such as these it is always worth seeking Signum’s advice as the service is FREE and the help given may prove beneficial when dealing with the claim.


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