Phase 7 - Final delivery of the refrigerated container


Guidance covering the final delivery of the container as well as a link to information on overweight containers.

Proper care and handling of refrigerated containers during the last leg of their journey are equally important to all the proceeding steps. Failure at this phase of the trip can send misleading signals to valued receivers of refrigerated cargoes.

Accordingly, shipping lines should ensure in advance of vessel arrival that there are enough gensets to cover their weekly volumes. If there are not enough gensets at the discharge port to cover all of the local truck moves and containers being loaded to the rail, the shipping lines operations teams must make arrangements to reposition gensets to the port of discharge.

After the refrigerated container has been discharged from the vessel and connected to a source of electric power at the container yard, preparations should be made for final delivery.

Prior to pick up by the trucker, the shipping line must check that the ocean freight has been paid, the original bill of lading has been submitted and the cargo has cleared all customs and other regulatory formalities.

When arriving at the terminal, the trucker must request a chassis and genset. The driver must ensure that the refrigerated container, chassis and genset are in good operating condition.

The truck driver should also check the temperature and fresh air exchange (vent) setting to ensure they are correctly set according to the information received from the shipping line and the drayage bill of lading or waybill.

The trucker should also ensure that there is adequate fuel to power the refrigeration unit for the final delivery to the consignee. Any discrepancies should be brought to the gate clerk’s attention at the terminal so that the clerk can notify representative at the shipping line to validate and ensure proper settings.

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