12 - 08/97 - Steel Shipments - Novorossiisk (Russia)


The port of Novorossiisk consists of three docks: the East Dock, Central Dock and West Dock. All steel being shipped out from these berths is stored in the open and is not protected from the elements. When the port encounters gales from the seaward side of the port these berths are exposed to salt water spray.

Members should be aware that steel loaded from these berths could be contaminated by seawater prior to loading. This could cause problems at time of discharge where allegations could be made that salt water contamination could only have occurred at sea on board the vessel.

Pre loading surveys at this port therefore should include spot checking of steel with a silver nitrate solution prior to loading. If evidence of salt water contamination is found, the bills of lading should be claused accordingly.

Source of Information: Local Advice (See Karl Lumbers)


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