18 - 10/97 - Pig Iron in Bulk - Calcutta (India)

Correspondents in Calcutta have advised us of problems with the delivery of Pig Iron in bulk. This type of cargo is presently being imported into Calcutta , loose, in bulk and in varying sizes 2kg to 9kg. Where there is only one receiver there seems to be no problems. Where there is more than one receiver, several bills of lading and the cargo is co-mingled, shortages are common.

It is felt the problem lies with some receivers who are taking advantage of the difficulty of apportioning the cargo. Some receivers appear to "get in first" and take the bigger bits leaving the last in line to take what is left. The inevitable shortages then being blamed on the ship.

Owners should discuss the method of delivery with shippers before loading if problems are to be avoided. For further information contact PANDI Correspondents PVT Ltd Calcutta.

Source of information: PANDI Correspondents Calcutta


Staff Author