26 - 11/97 - Naptha contamination with MTBE - Ex Ras Tanura (Saudi Arabia)

It has been brought to our attention that gasoline blendstock MTBE is now being imported into Ras Tanura from Jubail through pipelines normally used to export Naptha (A-180 and A -350). These lines are reportedly flushed after discharge, however tests on subsequent loading operations appear to indicate that the lines are not being flushed efficiently enough to avoid contamination.

Contamination of Naptha with MTBE can lead to serious problems for members. We are aware of two seperate incidents at the moment where oxygenates (MTBE) in feedstock have led to, rejection in one case and the shut down of a plant in another.

We would strongly recommend members be made aware of this problem and that they be advised to obtain first pumpings (manifold samples) when loading Naptha at RasTanura.

For further information please contact David Jones of CWA Consultants +44 171 242 8444.

Source of information: David Jones CWA Consultants through K.S.Lumbers


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