29 - 12/87 - Infestation/Fumigation Problems - Aqaba (Jordan)


One of our member's ships has recently had problems in Aqaba with infestation of a cargo of feed barley from Kertch.

On arrival at Aqaba all appeared well until part way through discharge, when weevils were found in the cargo. The receiver and buyer were forced to make a decison as to whether the ship should be fumigated or the fumigation should be undertaken in silos ashore. The latter option was taken without any discussion with the master, owner or club correspondent.

The ship was told that the costs were to be

JD 1.5 (US$ 2.14) per metric tonne for cargo ROB.

JD 1.0 (US$ 1.42) per metric tonne for cargo in silos.

The total price for the job was to be US$37,000, this being carried out by MOS employees. MOS were the owners of the silos. The ship was told non - payment would result in arrest of the ship.

We understand this is not the first time such an incident has occurred in this port and with these silo owners. Members should bear in mind that this type of claim is not unusual.

Such eventualities should be raised with charterers prior to fixing as clearly once in Aqaba owners will have little or no control over events.

Source of information: Chris Roberts E5 (through Bill Kirrane)


Staff Author