8 - 07/97 - Scrap Metal out of Finland

We have been reminded of problems arising on cargoes of scrap/steel turnings being shipped out of the ports of Kotka and Naantali in Finland.

Scrap steel can be classed as a dangerous cargo, the details of which can be found in the IMDG Code (copies should be available in your libraries) I.M.O. class 4.2. UN No 2793. This cargo can SPONTANEOUSLY IGNITE especially when wet. Cargo loaded in Naantali recently has been lying in open storage since winter having been exposed to the elements.

Masters loading this type of cargo should measure temperatures prior to loading, if they exceed the requirements of the code the cargo should not be loaded. If the cargo is found wet this is serious and cargo should again not be loaded. Turnings should also be inspected for oily parts which warrant rejection of the cargo.

Information forwarded by: Tony Kennedy/Jeremy Kingsley B21


Staff Author