9 - 07/97 - Vaccination Certificates - Detention of Vessels - Brazil


Please note that due to an outbreak of dengui -- a disease transmitted by the mosquito

Aedes Aegypti, likewise yellow fever -- the Ministry of Health has ordered the Port Health Authorities in Brazil, particularly those based in Santos, Salvador and Recife, to tighten the checking of vaccination certificates.

A number of vessels are detained at roads as some of their crew members/ officers do not have a valid vaccination certificate. Since the law clearly states that foreigners with irregular certificates are not allowed to enter national territory, whether or not they have symptoms of the disease, those in breach of regulation cannot be taken ashore either for repatriation or quarantine hospital. They can only come ashore to be vaccinated and then have to return to the vessel and wait until the innoculation period (10 days as of vaccination) is completed.

Therefore we recommend that all Members whose vessels are coming from infested areas, notably West African ports, be warned to make sure that all hands on board are in possession of valid certificates.

We are also advised that the head of the local Port Authority has recently been dismissed on grounds of corruption and has been replaced by a lady doctor who we understand is very keen in ensuring that the health regulations are followed to the letter. No flexibility therefore should be expected.

Source of information - Neil Beckwith F6


Staff Author