35 - 2/98 - Yellow Fever Lack of Certificates - Fines - Santos (Brazil)


We have recently had a passengership arrive at Santos, Brazil, which was inspected by the Health Authority (BHA). They found that 169 passengers did not have certificates of vaccination for yellow fever. The BHA promptly issued 169 'Notes of Infraction'.

The maximum fine for each infraction is currently USD 2,000, thus the maximum potential fine in this case is USD338,000 !

The passengers without vaccination certificates were not allowed to land and had to remain on board.

There is scope to attempt to mitigate the fine at a later stage but it is anticipated this may take some two to three years. In the meantime the Club may be requested to put up a guarantee in favour of the maximum potential fine, to ensure the timely passage of the ship.

Prior to arrival at Santos, the ship had made two calls at other Brazilian ports without interference from the BHA.

It is clear that the BHA are becoming much more 'dedicated' in their work, especially in Santos. All ships (cruise & cargo) visiting Brazil should ensure that all crew/passengers comply with Brazilian health requirements (eg particularly in respect of vaccination certificates).

Source of Information: Chris Dent (F6)


Staff Author