37 - 02/98 - Special Loading Requirements - Urea - Umm Said (Qatar)

It has come to our attention that ships loading Urea at the QAFCO Jetty at Umm Said are being subjected to 

an onerous requirement which could lead to serious consequences. It would appear that guidelines for ships loading at the QAFCO jetty are being presented to owners with insufficient time for them to comply.

The following is the requirement that gives rise for concern :-"No touch up paint or painting of holds/hatches to be undertaken prior three months preferably. In the case of painting less than three months, an undertaking assuming responsibility for cargo damage as per standard form to be given by Master of vessel prior loading"Clearly it is unlikely that owners will be aware three months in advance that they will be loading at this port. Compliance may therefore be impossible and could place the Master in a very difficult position. Owners intending to fix for this port should be alive to the requirement and should seek clarification from charterers.We understand this requirement is of 

fairly recent origin.

A full copy of Qafco's guidelines are available if required.

Source of Information:

Ken Rankin through Sobia Akram (D4)


Staff Author