53 - 06/98 - "Titanic" Claims - Worldwide


We are led to believe that as a result of the popularity of the film "Titanic" several young men have recently been trying to emulate Leonardo Di Caprio's "King of the World" scene in which he spreads his arms and appears to be flying from the bow of the ship. The United States Passenger Vessels' Association, in particular  we are told,  has been approached by several American cruise companies advising them of the problem and has subsequently issued a warning to its members about it.

It is not only passenger ship operators that should be on notice. Ferries are probably a more likely area of concern bearing in mind that it is more probable, with the younger age profile of the passengers, to anticipate a young man showing off to his young lady. The older age profile of passengers in some sectors of the cruise market might make such antics a bit more difficult !!

We have not seen an increase of "loss overboard" claims in the latter and "heart attacks" in the former yet, but we will be monitoring the situation closely.

Whilst the bow area on most ships is off limits to passengers, extra caution might be warranted for a while until the popularity of the film diminishes.

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Mike Bowen (A1)


Staff Author