56 - 07/98 - Port State Control Inspections - Australia


Members should be aware that AMSA Port State Control inspectors will detain a ship immediately they find something of note wrong regardless of whether it can be rectified within minutes/ hours. The detention will only be lifted after a second visit.

Following a detention, AMSA will also make a charge for the ship inspector's time for the first and any subsequent visits until the deficiencies are cleared.

We understand the most frequent deficiency that ships are presently being detained for in Australia is

"seized fire dampers"

These dampers, normally associated with engine room fan intakes, are usually left open and often get overlooked.

We understand just one damper not working will guarantee a detention


The Club's Ship Inspectors can offer advice on regulatory procedures to Masters if required. They are former serving Masters and have all held senior positions ashore. In addition they are qualified auditors and have extensive knowledge of current regulatory regimes and local practices.

We recommend that Masters utilise this free source of knowledge and expertise, when inspectors visit.

Source of information :

Gordon Cummins (Ship Inspection Department)


Staff Author