58 - 07/98 - Anchorage Incidents - Hong Kong


We have recently been made aware of  several incidents of ships dragging their anchors in Hong Kong harbour. In several cases contact has been made with other ships and damage sustained.

The anchorages in question are:-

North Lamma Anchorage

North West

Lamma Anchorage

Western Anchorage

No 3.

These areas are subject to strong currents - possibly higher than those published - and Members should take great care.

Most at risk we understand are the larger container vessels that are engaged in mid-stream operations. These operations involve the loading and discharging of containers from large dumb steel lighters that make fast alongside the containerships. In some instances four or more of these lighters stacked high with containers can be moored alongside at any one time. Under such circumstances the ship's anchor holding capabilities can be put under great strain.

The reason for the incidents is not clear just now, although a lot of work has recently been carried out in the area with the construction of the new airport. This may, possibly, have upset current flow.

Source of information:

Andrew Moore and Associates through Danny Ng (Hong Kong)


Staff Author