65 - 9/98 - Union Cleaning Demands - Australia


We are advised that during a recent visit to a certain Australian port, on nearing completion a Member's ship was visited by union officials.

The master was informed that it was their wish that their members should be engaged to do a fine sweep of the ship before it left for the next port in Australia. It was reportedly made quite clear to the master that if he didn't agree to the vessel being cleaned, then sailing might be delayed. The request was made on a Friday afternoon and caused great consternation, especially as under the charterparty only a rough clean was required .

Due to time pressure the charterers were forced comply. There is now a dispute between charterers and owners as to who should pay.

It is felt that this could become a regular problem and members are advised to bear this in mind when entering into contracts especially when they involve completing discharge in Australia with onward loading in another Australian port.

Source of Information : Mike Bowen (A1)


Staff Author