68 - 10/98 - Immigration Problems (Cabotage Trade) - Brazil


We are presently receiving a number of queries from Members who are running foul of the local Brazilian immigration requirements.

The problem occurs when a Member agrees to charter his ship for cabotage trade in Brazil. Under local regulations the Member is required to obtain a full type V visa for each crewmember, as if they were to be employed by a Brazilian company working in Brazil. However, because they are to be employed on board the ship, some Members are under the mistaken impression that a simple visitor visa will do. The problem is compounded by the "catch 22" situation that the immigration authorities will not issue the type V visa without proof that the crewmember has a contract with a Brazilian employer/company. If the crew do not have a type V visa, the ship is fined and, in some cases, the crew have been ordered by the local court not to work.

In cases where the ship is chartered to a major Brazilian company like Petrobras or Docenave, we recommend that the shipowner asks the charterers to assist with the type V visa application. The Club correspondent, Mr Roosevelt Derossi Lomba of Proinde Rio De Janeiro, is also able to give advice.

Source of Information:

Lance Hebert Miami


Staff Author