70 - 11/98 - Theft from Containers on Board

One of the major lines reports a rapidly increasing volume of theft from containers on board in Colombo. In a recent case,

37 containers were broken into

and despite the fact that the container doors could only be opened 15cm goods were removed by small boys squeezing themselves through the gap.

Although the amount of each theft is likely to be small, such thefts will give rise to claims and disappoint the line's customers. Signum Services recommend that, while the current spate of thefts continue, watchmen are appointed to keep a 24-hour deckwatch. It is also important that containers are stacked door-to-door if this is not already being done. Where possible, containers with valuable goods should be placed high in the stack out of easy reach of potential thieves."

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Source of information:

External through Herry Lawford


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