112 - 10/99 - Steel Lashing and Securing Problems -

We would bring to member's attention a recent serious incident.

The ship concerned loaded a cargo of steel coils in Cigading, Indonesia. The steel coils, weighing in excess of 20 tonnes, were lashed and secured by local stevedores prior to sailing. A few days into the voyage the vessel encountered heavy weather and movement of the coils was suspected. On closer investigation several coils were found to have shifted and it was considered necessary, bearing in mind the weight of the coils, to deviate to a port of refuge to restow them.

A survey at the port of refuge found large gaps in the stow with little or no dunnage. It was also reported that the dunnage, where used, was inappropriate being very soft and allowing movement of the coils. Investigation also revealed the lashing gang to have been young and inexperienced.

Although serious physical damage was avoided in this instance we would recommend, for the time being, members advise their crews to be extra vigilant when stowing steel at this port.

Source of information:

Iain Sharples (Australia)


Staff Author