121 - 12/99 - Port State Control - Garbage Management - Puerto Cabello - Venezuela

We have been advised by one of the Club's Members that Port State Control inspectors in the Caribbean, especially in the Puerto Cabello area, are being particularly strict regarding the garbage management book. This is a compulsory document  for all ships carrying 15 or more persons. Two ships under their control have recently been inspected  and the inspectors have paid particular attention to the garbage dumping positions entered in the book. These have been compared in great detail with the special areas as per Annex V  of MARPOL 73/78 Regulation 5.

In one case a minor violation was noted and the inspector threatened to arrest the vessel. A fine of US$15,000 was levied. This was later negotiated down to US$ 1000 by the Master.

Members should remind masters to ensure that the appropriate regulations are complied with to avoid such situations.

Source of information:

External through Susanne Hall (L7)


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