78 - 01/99 - Bunkering Spills - Strict Court Requirements - Singapore

Further to Bulletin 51 6/98 in relation to pollution matters in Singapore, we have been advised that in a recent minor oil spill during bunkering the court has ordered that it would not be acceptable for the ship's agent to represent the Master in court, due to the seriousness of the potential penalty - a maximum of S$ 500,000 (approx. US$ 297,900)  or two years jail.  As a consequence the Master has to attend in person - even though a guilty plea may have been been entered.

We understand this is the first time that the Singaporean court has insisted that the accused should attend personally.

Masters should be made fully aware of the consequences of even the smallest spill in Singapore waters.

Source of Information :

Theresa Johnston through Susanne Hall (L7)


Staff Author