79 - 01/99 - Stowage of Steel Problems - Pipavav (Gujarat) - India


We have been made aware of a highly critical report on the stowage of a cargo of steel loaded at the port of Pipavav in Gujarat, India. We understand the cargo of steel bundles was very poorly dunnaged, with timber between the bundles being of different sizes and badly postioned. This has led to a very serious claim on discharge for physical damage. Claims have also arisen in respect of salt water damage which we understand has clearly been proven to be of pre-shipment origin.Masters are accordingly advised to be particularly cautious and attentive when loading at Pipavav.

If any Member intends loading steel at Pipavav it is recommended that he should:

1. Negotiate suitable clauses into the charterparty:

(i) to require a joint pre-loading inspection of the cargo (including silver nitrate testing) to record the apparent condition of the cargo prior to loading onboard.

(ii) to require charterers to supply adequate and suitable dunnage to the master's satisfaction.

(iii) to require the charterer to make available to the vessel an adequate number of suitable, well maintained forklifts sufficient to facilitate loading and stowage to the master's satisfaction.

2. Ensure the stowage, lashing and securing of the steel cargo is carefully and continuously supervised by the master, mate, superintendent or experienced P&I surveyor and performed to their satisfaction and that require that the charterer will extend full co-operation to the master to facilitate cargo operations being performed to his satisfaction.

3 Contact the Club's correspondent in Mumbai for an update of the current position.

Further information is available from the Club (Loss Prevention Dept) if required

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