84 - 02/99 - Paris MOU Concentrated Inspection Campaign on Bulk Carriers 1/4/99-30/6/99


Between 1st April 1999 and 30th June 1999, authorities who are signatory to the Paris MOU (see below *)  will be mounting a "Concentrated Inspection Campaign" aimed at the inspection of structural safety of bulk carriers which are more than 30,000gt and more than 15 years old, in particular those  carrying  high density or corrosive cargoes and trading on the spot market. As many bulk carriers as possible will be inspected during this period.

The authorities will make every effort to avoid unduly delaying a vessel selected for inspection or stop cargo operations.

The inspection team will undertake to inspect as many holds as possible and ballast tanks such as the fore peak, aft peak and an amidships pair of top side tanks. Information obtained from the vessel's Enhanced Survey Programme may result in other tanks being inspected.

IMO Resolution A.744(18) requires a specific survey programme to be in place for applicable ships , and it is therefore most important that this programme is uptodate i.e. all inspections due have been carried out and all documentation required by this resolution is held on board.

If excessive cracks, wastage or other damage is found, the relevant classification society will be requested to attend the vessel. If considered appropriate the vessel could be detained until the necessary remedial work has been carried out.

It is reported that some Port State authorities are already carrying out more thorough inspections of the deck areas on these vessels.

More detailed information is available either from the Ship Inspection Department including the PSC Guidelines for such inspections. Or the Paris Memorandum website


* Paris MOU Countries:- Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Canada, Russian Federation.

Source of information :

Capt David Heaselden (Ship Inspection Dept)


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