86 - 03/99 - Port State Control Requirements - Goa


We are advised that since the instigation of the ISM Code on the 1st July 1998 the Mercantile Marine Dept in Mormugao Harbour has been undertaking more regular and strict inspections of vessels. Particular interest is being taken in the following :

1. All Statutory certificates such as:-

Safety Construction

Safety Equipment


Class Certs (Machinery and Deck)

Safety Radio


2. Oily bilge separator

3. Lifeboats and equipment

4. Emergency fire pump in working order

5. Emergency batteries

6. Scuttles and portholes to be watertight and in good shape

7. Handholds to be provided at the embarkation deck in way of ladders

8. Ships over 15 years of age.

One problem being noted is the difficulty of obtaining approved items to make good deficiencies as most have to come in from Mumbai. This is causing delays.

Ships are being detained and heavy fines imposed.

The following is the present scale of fines:

500-1000 gt Rps 15,000

For every additional 1000gt Rps 5,000

Maximum fine Rps 100,000

Additional charges are also being made for inspectors' overtime.

Source of information :- Hiralal & Co


For further information contact Ship Inspection Dept.


Staff Author