89 - 4/99 - Restrictions of Yugoslavian Ships/ Nationals - USA


Following recent problems on a Member's ship in a US port as the result of the chief officer being a national of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, we would bring to Members' URGENT attention the  document  "Shipping Agent Guidelines - U.S. Port of entry Prohibition for the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia".

It would appear due to the ongoing NATO engagement in Yugoslavia that as from the 5th April 1999, the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs has declared that all Yugoslavian flagged ships, or ships owned or operated by or under charter to Yugoslavian entities,

and vessels with Yugoslavian citizens serving in the capacity of master, chief mate, or chief engineer,

are not permitted to enter the territorial sea, ports, or internal waters of the United States.

There are provisions for non-standard entries ie force majeure, innocent passage, medical emergency and repatriation, details of which can be found in the "Shipping Agent Guidelines" - a copy of which can be obtained from the Club's Loss Prevention Dept or direct from the USCG.

Source of information :


Through Chris Dent (L5)

Leo Kirchner / John Devine (TMA New Jersey)


Staff Author