130 - 03/00 - Crew Murder - La Guaira - Venezuela

We have to report the recent murder of a crewmember on shore leave in La Guaira, Venezuela. The crew member in question was shot dead soon after going ashore to telephone his family. Unfortunately on subsequent investigation it was established that such acts of violence in this particular area are not uncommon.

The local correspondent in Caracas, Pandica C.A., has previously attempted to warn ship owners by way of a circular to local shipping agencies, with the recommendation to ships calling at La Guaira,

"not to allow crew members to go ashore at night as it is not safe


Apparently La Guaira had a notorious reputation prior to the recent flood disaster and was quite a dangerous place for shore leave. Conditions have now deteriorated even further. The area in question is known locally as the


Ship owners /operators should warn masters and crew accordingly.

Source of information:

Club Correspondent Caracas Pandica C.A

through Peter Jackson (L3)


Staff Author